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Pulse Station is a professional recording studio and online service based in New York City that offers custom drum tracks. Equipped with high end analog recording gear and variety of modern and vintage drums and cymbals, Pulse Station is an affordable solution for anyone who has no access, time or budget for recording studios, recording engineers and session drummers. Focusing on performance, creativity, sound quality and quick turnaround, Pulse Station is the right choice whether you need a single track, a full album or a custom drum loop. 



Thank you for visiting our website! We hope you enjoy the content and if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to hearing your music and working together on your next project.

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“Rossen is, hands down, one of the most prolific musicians I know, but he’s also as great a person as he is a drummer. His humility, professionalism and attention to detail make working with him an absolute breeze!”


"Pulse Station is an absolutely incredible resource for songwriters and producers. Communicating musical ideas is a breeze, and the recordings are top notch, from the performance to the audio quality!"


“Rossen has a unique position in New York City: he is one of the few drummers who can play any style of music while being equally proficient as a recording engineer and producer.  The third side of the triangle is his easygoing and calm demeanor.  This combination of skills puts him in a small group of big city professionals”

Pianist, Composer, Arranger

I've worked with Rossen for years so already knew his abilities as a drummer and professional. I was keen to try this great new service of his too, though and wasn't disappointed. Rosen got to work immediately on my track and had a great sounding stereo mix to me the next day. He even made a couple of tweaks and then resent the track. Very satisfied with this service!! 

Composer, Arramger, Saxophonist

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Pulse Station founder Rossen Nedelchev is a professional drummer, producer and composer in New York City. He has extensive experience performing and recording in a variety of styles, ranging from pop, rock, R&B, funk, jazz and electronic music. He is currently working in New York, bringing his distinctive, precise and high-energy style to a variety of performing and recording projects. For more information visit his website. 

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